How long will Yahoo (YHOO) Shares Keep Running

YHOO Long Term

Yahoo (YHOO) Could Find Resistance at $40

Yahoo (YHOO) shares have had quite a run as of late, up 10% in their last 5 trading days. After using a short-term chart of YHOO to anticipate their action this week, with shares now at a 7 year high it is necessary to take a look their long-term chart to determine where shares may next run into resistance. Looking at all available price action data available on Yahoo’s stock, we can see that historically shares have been met with a good deal of resistance near $40, only eclipsing that figure for a meaningful amount of time during the internet bubble of 1999. Coincidentally, when analyzing Yahoo’s fundamentals last month, the high-end of our determined fair valuation range for YHOO was $40. From both a technical and fundamental perspective I believe shares will appreciate by another 12% in the short-term barring a major downturn in the US equity markets.

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  1. Only difference in 1999, Yahoo didn’t have Alibaba and Yahoo Japan assets.

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